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Maximize Employee Well-Being and Productivity with Early Intervention through the Shift Left Strategy

Just as technology professionals shift left to detect and
address issues earlier in their development process.

Are your employees or business teams facing any of the following difficulties:

  • burnout?

  • job stress?

  • work-life imbalance?

  • isolation?

  • anxiety?

  • perfectionism?

  • impostor syndrome?

  • Productivity Issues?

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At Shift Left Coaching, we offer a range of one-day workshops designed to enhance mental health and well-being in the workplace. Our workshops are structured in three levels - Introduction, Advanced, and Expert - allowing organizations to choose the right program based on their employees' needs and prior knowledge. These workshops align with our Shift Left Coaching framework, emphasizing Continuous Awareness, Continuous Learning, and Continuous Self-care.

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Introduction Workshop: Building a Foundation for Mental Health and Well-being

Our Introduction Workshop serves as a solid foundation for understanding the importance of mental health and well-being in the workplace. Key topics covered include:
  • Awareness: Developing an understanding of mental health challenges and their impact on individuals and organizations.

  • Self-care Practices: Introduction to effective self-care techniques and strategies for maintaining well-being.

  • Stress Management: Identifying stress triggers and learning practical methods to manage stress.

  • Building Resilience: Cultivating resilience to overcome challenges and adapt to change.

  • Creating a Supportive Environment: Strategies for fostering a supportive and inclusive workplace culture.

By the end of this workshop, participants will have gained valuable insights into mental health and well-being, equipped with practical tools to apply in their daily lives.

Advanced Workshop: Deepening Understanding and Strengthening Skills

The Advanced Workshop is designed for individuals who already possess a basic understanding of mental health and well-being concepts. This workshop delves deeper into the following areas:
  • Emotional Intelligence: Enhancing emotional awareness and effectively managing emotions.

  • Mindfulness and Meditation: Exploring mindfulness techniques and incorporating meditation practices for stress reduction.

  • Positive Psychology: Understanding the science of positive psychology and its application in promoting well-being.

  • Effective Communication: Developing skills to foster open, empathetic, and supportive communication.

  • Work-Life Integration: Strategies for achieving work-life balance and integrating personal and professional goals.

Participants will leave this workshop equipped with advanced knowledge and practical techniques to promote mental health and well-being in their work and personal lives.

Expert Workshop: Mastering Mental Health and Well-being Strategies

Our Expert Workshop is tailored for individuals who have a strong foundation in mental health and well-being concepts and seek to deepen their expertise. This workshop explores advanced strategies and practices, including:


  • Resilient Leadership: Developing leadership skills that promote mental health, well-being, and engagement within teams.

  • Organizational Well-being: Strategies for creating a culture of well-being across the organization.

  • Burnout Prevention and Recovery: Techniques for recognizing, preventing, and recovering from burnout.

  • Navigating Change and Uncertainty: Building resilience and adaptability to thrive in times of change and uncertainty.

  • Sustaining Well-being: Developing long-term well-being practices to maintain a healthy work-life balance.


Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of advanced mental health and well-being strategies, enabling them to lead and support others effectively in their well-being journeys.


Mental health conditions in the workplace cost employers an estimated $225.8 billion in lost productivity each year in the United States alone (HBR, 2019)

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