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​Story of the
Shift Left Coach

A resilient individual with two decades of working in corporate space, 
who has overcome numerous challenges and transitions throughout his life.

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Brahma Temple

Embracing Change and Overcoming Struggles

Through various ups and downs, including financial difficulties and personal setbacks, I persevered with unwavering determination. The journey took me from Pune, India to Dublin, Ireland, where I encountered new obstacles and emotional struggles. Nevertheless, I embraced change and established a fulfilling life, getting involved in community initiatives that attracted thousands of participants.

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Passion for Helping Others

Throughout my journey, I realized my passion for helping others, offering guidance, coaching, and mentoring. I thrive on the mission to unite people and help them discover the true essence of their passions, even those they may have not yet identified. Grounded in my own life experiences and my natural intuitive skills, I developed the Shift Left coaching model, aiming to empower individuals and organizations to reach their full potential. I am driven by the belief in taking action and continuous personal growth.

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Early Life and Challenges

Born in Andhra Pradesh, India, I initially enjoyed a familiar and comfortable childhood surrounded by cherished friendships. However, circumstances led to a relocation within South India, presenting numerous challenges as I adjusted to a new language and educational system. With the compassionate support of a principal, I caught up on years of curriculum in a short time, fostering resilience and adaptability. Despite the transient nature of our housing situation, I continued to navigate new environments, forming connections and honing my positive and forward-looking nature.

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Setbacks and Personal Growth

Life tested my resilience on multiple occasions, presenting me with two unexpected layoffs that initially shook me to the core. These experiences challenged my sense of stability and security, but they also became catalysts for profound self-reflection and personal growth. Instead of succumbing to adversity, I rose above it, demonstrating unwavering determination and resilience. These setbacks have shaped me into a stronger individual, equipping me with the strength and resilience to navigate any future challenges that come my way. I bounced back, securing new opportunities and embracing self-reflection.

Beliefs and Drive

Grounded in my belief in action and continuous personal growth, I am motivated to unite people and help them discover their passions. I believe in the power of guiding, coaching, and mentoring others, drawing from my own life experiences and intuitive skills. This belief led me to develop the Shift Left coaching model, which empowers individuals and organizations to reach their full potential. I am committed to fostering personal and organizational growth, driven by the belief that everyone has the capacity to thrive and succeed.

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